Do you know, there are lots of places & resorts not known or visited by the tourists fond of fauna & flora, dazzling landscapes vibrant medows & other gifts of mother nature.

Kashmir is much more then the familiar places most often visited by tourists. For enroute to the popular centers or very close to major Tourist resorts, are lesser known places where THE REAL MAGIC OF KASHMIR is as bewitching come and discover Kashmir”s lesser known but equally important & pictureseque destinations during you sojourn to the valley.
Discover more of Kashmir its truly enticing experience to visit these new tourist destinations.

Please note: The assistance of a registered travel Agent is recommended to visit the below places.

1. YOUSMARG: Meadows of the best spring flowers alt 4725 meters. Yousmarg is known for thrilling trekking routes, camping & adventure, horse riding and sking opportunities.Yusmarg is a small meadow set in the heart of mountains to the south-west of Srinagar. It is an ideal picnic spot and the nilang lake can be visited from here. A two hour drive from Srinagar (47kms) will take you to acres upon acres of grassy medow ringed by forest of pine, and towering beyond them, awesome and majestic snow clad mountains.Nearby are several peaks- tatta kutti and sang safed to name a couple of them. About 13kms from yusmarg, is Charari-Sharief, the shrine of Kashmir”s patron saint Sheikh Noor- ud-din or Nund Reshi, now rebuilt after the devastating fire of yusmarg is an ideal day-picnic resort.

2. DOODH E PATHAR: Bowl shaped valley 42 kms from Srinagar. It is a recent discovery in the valley , boasting of green carpeted medows and pine trees perfect for a picnic. This resort is also famous for being the initial place of meditation of the famous saint SHEIKH NOOR- UD IN- RESHI also known as NUND RESHI popularly by kashmirs. The mystic saints mausoleum is situated at his final resting place at Chrare Shariff Enroute to yusmarg.

  • Muje E Pather
  • Khan Saheb
  • Shrine of shamas Faqir RA

4.WULAR LAKE: Famous for being The largest fresh water lake in Asia & 40km away from Srinagar city. The wular lake is also known for being the final resting place of the famous saint, Baba shakur-u-din Wali, the mentor of baba payam- u-din Reshi whose shrine is located in Tangmarg enroute to Gulmarg. One can have a breath taking view of entire Kashmir valley from the mountain top Where the shrine is located. Best point for professional photographers & movie makers.

5.THE LOLAB VALLEY: A three drive through the famed apple orchards of sopore through kupwara district, will bring you to this enchantingly lovely valley visited by so few. But it is this very quality that makes lolab so special- virtually flat lands planted with fields of paddy,verdant in summer.
pure gold in autumn, are offset to perfection for the gently rolling hills that encircle the valley, clad in the deepest green that is the colour of pines, trees of walnut and apples whose colour reflect the changing of the seasons from natures bounty here. And in the tiny harmlets that sprinkle the valley, you will see a life that is distantly and uniquely kashmiri. Timbered houses with slopping thatched roofs, the brilliant vermillion of chilies drying from windows , women carrying SAMOVARS of Salt tea/Saffron khawa into the fields where members of the family is seens engaged in cultivations and other activities of agricultural product. In short kashmiri village life as it has been led for centuries. If you feel that you cannot do full justice to the rustic charm of lolab valley during a single days trip, there are forest huts and PWD BANGLOWS at which you can stay overnight.

6.DAKSUM: Daksum is located at an alt. of 2438m above from MSL. It is situated at a distance of 85kms from Srinagar city. Past the mughal gardens of achabal, with their tinkling fountains, through the breath taking splendour of the springs at kokernag, is situated daksum the famous health resort. Quite away from it all, tucked away in a densely forest gorge.daksum would be completely silent, but the Bringhi river which gueshed through it jus you and nature…. AND UR TOUR ORGANISER. Pinewood/bungalow & Huts are located along the sparkling river. Daksum is a solitude lovers paradise. Up the hill which are swathed in coniferous trees, past gurgling brooks, the simple haunting notes of a flute will waft down to you, from where an unseen spherds sits tending his flocks . for in the hills shrouding daksum, suddenly you will find yourself in grassy medows a variety of alpine flowers and other bounties of nature.

7.DACHIGAM(Wild Life Santuary): is located 22kms fron Srinagar. It covers an area of 141kms. The name of the park literally stands for being a place of ten villages which could be in the memory of ten villages that were relocated in the past. The park has been protected are since 1910, the most wonderful resort nearest to Srinagar city where a mini Zoo has been established for visitors who can seek entrance permit from the local wild life department & can also visit trout fish hatchery farm. For movie makers of adventure & action themes, Dachigam is highly recommended to be kept in mind.

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